1) HIPSTER BUSINESS NAME GENERATOR You’re opening your dive bar concept start-up. The bartenders’ Civil War beards are being cultivated as we speak. What about a name to set the place apart? What’s it gonna be? Bones & Serif? Door & Sawdust? Mice & Spigot? Hipster business name generator is here toContinue Reading

Britton’s Royal Mixers will have your holiday party guests dancing on the ceiling and pulling off all sorts of other cool party tricks—like whipping up regal cocktails without the ol’ plain-Jane ice. These festive ice substitutes, which serve as swanky frozen mixers, include Ndali Estate Vanilla Bean ice cream andContinue Reading

  When we were designing our Holiday in the Alps posters, we knew we wanted to team up with someone special to bring them to life. Enter the “Gourmet Print & Design Shoppe” Mama’s Sauce, whose crack team silk-screened the limited edition posters we have available online through the holidays.Continue Reading

Posted September 4, 2019 by jeni britton bauer When I started Jeni’s, I went about building a business the way I thought it should be done; creating the type of company my 12-year-old self would want to work at. I thought that’s how everybody does it. It’s most certainly NOTContinue Reading

Jeni will be in Arizona next weekend (11/17 and 11/18) for a series of appearances at AJ’s Fine Foods. Each stop will include a book signing, a tasting of our holiday flavors, and a demo for how to make Pumpkin 5-Spice with Caramel Sauce sundaes at home. If you’re in theContinue Reading

Attention, fellow Earthlings: The first batch of our 2012/2013 Flavors From Earth payload has been launched from Jeni’s headquarters and has arrived in all scoop shops and at jenis.com. The delicious cargo includes two perennial superstars, Sweet Potato with Torched Marshmallows ice cream and Cranberry Royale Sorbet, as well as MapleContinue Reading