Gifts for Her Ideas Guide

Gifts for her ideas–a gift guide to help you buy all the women in your life something special. These gifts are mostly self-care items and other things that I love and use!

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As someone who burns the candle at both ends and has a To Do list so long it would make you faint, I like to think that I’m supremely qualified to share this gifts for her ideas.

This gift guide has items that are mostly centered around self-care, pampering, and things that make her life slightly more elevated. I’ll explain each of these picks below, and why I love and use these items almost daily myself!

1. GIRL, WASH YOUR FACE is the book I’m currently reading, and even though I haven’t finished it yet, I can already recommend it. The chapters are based upon all the things that hold us back from living our best life, and how to let them all go. In the words of Queen Elsa, Let it Goooooooooooo!!!

2. FUZZY SOCKS If I have one non-kitchen item that I obsess over, it’s fuzzy socks. I wear them all year long, and I’m a sucker for warm ones that are also thin enough to wear with shoes! This pack is my current fave.

3. YOGA MAT CARRY BAG If your girl is into yoga, she needs a pretty bag with a pocket for storing her keys during class. I love this one because it’s sturdy and pretty!

4. DREAM DUST is a blend of herbs and adaptogens that promote restful sleep and help with stress relief. For the woman in your life who has a To Do list a mile long. Hint: this is on my wish list this year!

5. YETI MUG to keep your coffee or tea warm for DAYS. Okay, not days, but definitely longer than normal.

6. INSTANT POT MINI I put this on my gift guide because it’s the best thing I’ve bought myself this year. I can make instant pot mac and cheese without dirtying a single dish, and I can make a pot of beans in a fraction of the time. It has changed my life!

7. DINNER JUST FOR TWO If putting your own cookbook on your gift guide is wrong, I don’t want to be right. This is a pre-order link; the book comes out on April 2. 

8. MY PARIS KITCHEN If any woman on your list has ever called herself a ‘Franco-phile’ or talked about how romantic they think Paris is, this is the book for them. Part French culture, part food, and full of great writing. She’ll love this book– I read it like a novel and have loved everything I’ve cooked from it, too!

9. ESSENTIAL OIL DIFFUSER I love this diffuser because you can set the mist to continuous or intermittent mist. Also, I love that it has a timer and can essentially run all day.

10. BACK & NECK MASSAGER There are times in the day when the only person I like is this back & neck massager. Yes, mine has a name (Cindy), and she’s always there for me. If you happen to be like me and store all of your stress in your shoulders and neck, you’ll love it. Plus, it has a heat setting! You can’t really beat the price, either.

11. BEAUTY BLENDER I’ve only recently discovered that the beauty blender is the absolute *only* way you should be applying makeup. I’m addicted to these, and even if your girl already has one, we’re supposed to replace them often. 

12. YOU ARE A BAD ASS All of my favorite self-help and motivational books this year were by Jen Sincero. Start with this one, and then move onto You Are a Bad Ass at Making Money

13. COLLAPSIBLE REUSABLE STRAW Everyone is ditching disposable straws in favor of reusable ones to save the planet. You knew that, right? This one comes with a cleaning brush, and folds small for easy storage and portability. I love it!

14. CARDS AGAINST HUMANITY The absolute best game for parties ever invented! We play at girls night all the time!

15. SMALL DUTCH OVEN If the woman you’re buying for loves to cook, this small Dutch oven is the kitchen item she’ll cherish for years. High-quality, sturdy, and beautiful. Oh, and perfect for a small batch of chili.

16. VITAMIX The ultimate blender, if there ever was one! It heats and purees nearly anything! Plus, my link will get you $20 off and free shipping.

17. CUTE HAT Do you think this hat is cute? This hat is very cute! It comes in literally tons of other colors.

18. SONY BLUETOOTH SPEAKER My dad bought us something very similar to this last year, and we use it every single day. It connects to our Wifi in our house and is synced to our phones. Such a great gift!

Happy shopping! I hope this gifts for her ideas guide helped you!

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