Holiday Gift Guide for Minimalists by Dessert for Two

Gift guide for Minimalists in your life. They say they don’t want a gift, but these gifts are appreciated by Minimalists!

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Holiday Gift Guide for Minimalists - gifts for people who say they don't want gifts!

There’s one part of my life that you guys know nothing about…it’s the contents of my house.

My husband and I are Minimalists.

This means we own very few items of clothing (I’m at ~25 pieces, he’s at 9 pieces), and we think very hard before we purchase something. (We typically use Consumer Reports to make purchasing decisions to ensure we’re buying something of quality that will last a long time). Clutter and disorganization is not tolerated well in our house. Yes, we bring our own bags to the grocery store, and we try to minimize the amount of trash our household makes each week.

We drastically changed our lifestyle to own fewer things a year ago, and we find endless joy in it. I can’t imagine living any other way now. My mornings are so easy since I own so few clothes; I am up and dressed in 30 seconds flat! I don’t waste my precious brain space on ‘outfits’ anymore.

I’m not exactly sure how we stumbled into this lifestyle, other than the fact that I was an Environmental Studies double major in college. Or, if it was because we’ve moved 3 times in 5 years, and packing up STUFF makes you realize how stupid STUFF really is.

The bottom line is, Minimalists don’t really like gifts, but you love them and want to buy them for them anyway. So, buy them something useful that simplifies their life or replaces something that isn’t serving them.

These gifts below are all things I use and love as a Minimalist.

1. The very best reusable grocery bags. There are a lot of crappy ones out there, but these are the best. They mimic the shape and feel of plastic bags, and that’s key for me! The other cloth bags (the ones that are boxy) lend themselves to being over-filled by grocery store clerks. No one wants to carry a 15-pound bag of produce into the house. These bags are soft, flexible and completely machine-washable.

2. I wrote a post about how switching to cloth napkins in my house is what set me on the path of green living. This is my latest pack. So pretty and soft!

3. Glass storage containers for food! Go on, throw away that plastic junk in your house and start fresh with glass. I’ve been doing it for years and I have never broken one. These glass containers are thick and sturdy.

4. Compost bin. Yep, we’re one of those families that collects egg shells, tea leaves, and vegetable scraps to make compost to use in the garden. BUT, you would never know because this compost bins keeps everything out-of-sight and odorless. I swear!

5. Essential oil starter kit. In our house, we make our own cleaning products. I love knowing exactly what I’m spraying in my house, but even more–I love how it smells. Essential oils are naturally fragrant, but also many of them have antibacterial properties (making disposable bleach wipes a thing of the past). This kit contains the essential oils I use the most: eucalyptus, tea tree, peppermint, and lavender.

6. When I started using cloth produce bags, I felt like I leveled up in my life. These cloth bags are for buying produce at the store, instead of using the plastic bags on the roll in the produce department. You’ll feel like such a do-gooder when you use them!

7. FOOD. Food is the best gift of all. Make me something yummy, and I’ll love you forever…especially because I didn’t have to clean up the dishes. I would love some fancy chocolate. Or a bag of your favorite coffee or tea. Did someone say wine? I want that, too.

8. One of the nicest gifts I’ve ever received was from my friend Heather. After I had a baby, she made me a file folder with organized tabs! She had a section for hospital records, baby check-up sheets, and instruction manuals for toys and baby gadgets. I hardly go a week without using it in some way, and I always think of Heather! Help the Minimalist in your life get organized, and they’ll thank you forever.

9. Reusable cleaning cloths. I started out using old towels and shirts as cleaning cloths, but honestly, this kit with specific towels for glass stainless steel, and wood is much better.

10. This sounds slightly impersonal, but an Amazon gift card is a great gift for a Minimalist. It’s highly likely that we’ll use it to buy necessities, like toilet paper, but trust me when I say that we appreciate it.

11. Reusable straws. I never had a use for these until I had a kid. Why is everything so much more fun if a straw is involved? These stainless steel straws are on heavy rotation in our house.

12. Stasher reusable bags & beeswax wraps. In an effort to eliminate plastic from my house (and the need to continually purchase plastic wrap and foil), I stumbled upon beeswax wraps. They’re soft & pliable wax sheets that you use to wrap up food. They gradually wear away over time (and must be hand washed in cool water), so they don’t work for everything. So, I use Stasher bags for everything else.


I hope this gift guide for Minimalists helps you shop for that person who says they don’t want gifts this year! Or, maybe I’ve inspired you to be a Minimalist? Let’s chat more about it! 🙂

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