I first had a Coquito on one of multiple trips to San Juan, Puerto Rico in the early 90’s (yes—there was a cute boy involved). It’s like egg nog, but totally different: boozy as all heck and spiced with cinnamon, it fills the same seasonal need…with a little more CaribbeanContinue Reading

Baked Apples with Churro Ice Cream You might think of baked apples as a très facile dessert for beginners (which would be true), but we prefer to think of baked apples as a legendarily minimalist, classic-American dish. You can serve them with any full-bodied ice cream—our Churro fits the bill. PrepContinue Reading

Posted September 4, 2019 by jeni britton bauer When I started Jeni’s, I went about building a business the way I thought it should be done; creating the type of company my 12-year-old self would want to work at. I thought that’s how everybody does it. It’s most certainly NOTContinue Reading